Betonlab is a professional construction contractor and a joint venture partner with the company Bomanite (USA) and Grasscrete (UK) for the production of materials and construction in the field of decorative concrete in Vietnam. With quality and art at the core, we provide the best in research, development, design, production, installation and services, technical consulting in the Art Concrete industry.

Betonlab is a customer-oriented team with a dynamic mindset. We promote and develop eco-friendly and artistic concrete products in Vietnam. We have effective management human resources, professional designers and skilled technical team.


Towards a sustainable way of development, providing advanced technical solutions, providing environmentally friendly materials, creating art-oriented products, bringing added values to customers and every employee.


Bomanite and Grasscrete is a global brand specializing in providing material solutions to make creative ideas come true. Bomanite and Grasscrete have been in the field of Decorative Concrete for over 50 years. Continually provide end-to-end construction solutions for the growing demands of Colored Concrete. Through our worldwide franchising, we establish a network of specially trained and experienced professionals. We provide complete solutions from concept development, detailed specification, professionalism in construction and installation and finally, proper maintenance and repair instructions.

For each geographic area, we provide professional guest service. Each regional representative office or manufacturing plant is capable of providing the highest quality products with maximum technical support.

  • 13D Decorative Tiles EASY
  • 2Terrazzo
  • 3Grinding Concrete Floors
  • 4Road Brick

  • 5Flexible concrete bricks

  • 6Ventilation tiles

  • 7Furniture

  • 8Bathtub

  • 9Lavabo

  • 10Bar, potted plants

  • 11Effect mortar

  • 12Decorative fireplace

1 3D Decorative Tiles EASY

Betonlab would like to introduce the main product lines and the projects we have constructed

3D Brick is a high-quality, beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly decorative material. Handcrafted by skilled workers and architects. The product is capable of creating a 3-dimensional effect with light, blowing artistic souls into space.

2 Terrazo

  • Shiny surface, high aesthetics suitable for modern space. Various colors and sizes according to slabs, squares and rectangles, Strong bearing capacity. Limit the gap on the surface, clean quickly and easily.
  • Thickness 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm.
  • Easy maintenance, polished like new after several years of use.

3 Grinding Concrete Floors

Abrasive concrete is an alternative to brick, a natural material and has a lot of great features that other materials of the same type cannot have such as moisture resistance, permeability, moss. Nowadays it is more and more widely used in the interior. Multi color
variety, variety.

4 Road Brick

This line of paving bricks possesses many advantages such as:

  • The brick forms a flat, tight surface, so it will save the plaster.
  • The brick size is quite large, which helps to build quickly and save labor.
  • Various colors and designs: blue, red, yellow, gray... help to increase the aesthetics of the building.
  • High quality properties with long service life and high impact resistance, no moss growth, effectively prevent slippage in all areas.

5 Flexible Concrete Brick

Flexible concrete brick is a new product, with many preeminent features such as water resistance, fire resistance, mildew resistance, with special surface, pattern, color and variety. The thickness of only 2-3mm helps to reduce the load when tiling, gluing and decorating interior and exterior walls and can be substituted for other materials because of its reasonable price and ease of construction.

6 Ventilation tiles

Ventilated brick pattern (open bricks, wind cotton bricks) decorative cement with diverse patterns creates a beautiful and impressive 3D space for facades, fences, and home decoration.

Patterns of ventilation bricks, open spaces, decorative cement cotton wool, decorative fences, partitions are popular materials for houses in public works with advantages and strengths that have created a trend in recent years. via.

7 Furniture

Concrete tables and chairs have outstanding durability, different materials and designs, luxury, better resistance to Vietnam's hot and humid climate than other materials. Can be used for both interior and exterior with designs and colors according to individual requirements.

8 Bathtub

The material is easy to shape, durable, easy to dye or decorate according to the preferences of the customer, can be inlaid with tiles, ceramic, natural stone outside to increase the artistry and uniqueness.

9 Lavabo

Lavabo is a highly artistic product, handcrafted by skillful hands of craftsmen. The products can be custom-molded.

10 Bar, Potted Plants

Concrete shelves with the advantage that the product creates a monolithic form
and more durable than some other materials. Patterns and colors are optional

11 Effect Mortar

Effect mortar is a new innovation to create products that are affordable but still create unique decorative surface effects that only effect mortar (concrete paint) can create.

12 Decorative Fireplace